Dubai Visit Visa Extension Cost

Regal Tour Worldwide, our clients get world class level of administration from the underlying travel inquiry directly through to the point of touching base at their goal.

We perceive that applying for UAE Visas can regularly be a complex and tedious process and we are satisfied to offer a full UAE Visa preparing administration to help facilitate the strain of intersection global outskirts.

We give a total UAE Visa benefit for various nationals wishing to go to UAE, sparing you time, exertion and cash. Dubai Visit Visa, Dubai Transit Visa can be connected to the clients as per their necessities. We Provide 15 Days, 30 Days and 90 Days Tourist Visas and 90 Days Visit Visa.

Visa Validity:

Once the visit visa or visitor visa is issued, the individual can enter UAE inside 2 months. What’s more, from the passage date, can remain for the period that you pay for.

Lofty Tours is giving single section visa and also numerous passage visa.

When you need to apply for visit visa or traveler visa for Dubai or UAE, please email the guest’s identification duplicate, confront photograph and your portable number to and we will hit you up soon.


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Professional Video Camera Dubai

Al Wesam is a leading Supplier of Broadcast Equipment, Professional Video and Photography Equipment in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. We Stock world’s leading brands like Nikon, Sony, Panasonic, Varavon, Fancier, Wield, and many more

Professional Video Camera Dubai

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Studio Flash Light Kit

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Track Dolly System

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